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Match screening at Against the Run of Play hub

Pester & Rossi
Against the Run of Play

Pester & Rossi, Rule-Breaking Ball Game, workshop, 2019. Image: Paul Chapellier

Louise Ashcroft

Louise Ashcroft, Untitled, 2019, performance. Image: Liz Calvi

Girls United commission

Phoebe Davies & Rose Nordin, kit design workshop with Girls United, 2019


Jessie McLaughlin training session with Athenlay FC, 2019

Against the Run of Play x Jasper Jones, Femxle Football Shirt Making Workshop, 2019


Rowland Hill, The Hands of God, 2019, participatory performance. Image: Liz Calvi

against the run of play.JPG


Against the Run of Play is a collaborative project run by Sophie Bownes, Lucy Cowling and Alice Ongaro.

Since 2018 we have produced events and workshops, commissioned artworks, new writing and conversation focused on female, non-binary and queer engagement with football and sports culture more broadly.

Against the Run of Play aims to champion and empower fans and players, whilst contributing to the critical discourse around gender, representation and football culture. We work in partnership with artists, designers, writers, football players and fans of the game.

Against the Run of Play is made possible with the help of each of those 
who have hosted and collaborated with us, including: Naomi Accardi, Louise Ashcroft, Athenlay FC, Nadia Atique, Rosella Ayane, Hannah Buckman, Lauren Corelli, Corner fotbal + societate, Dalmain Athletic GFC, Phoebe Davies, Deptford Ravens, F.A.T. Studio, The Feminist Library, Caitlin Fisher, Orit Gat, Heinz Geiger & Franz Wanner, Girls United, Corey Hayman, Henry/Bragg, Rowland Hill, Idle Women, Ro Jackson, Juliet Jacques, Jasper Jones, Jessie Krish, Rosie McGinn, Jessie McLaughlin, Jenny Moore, Rose Nordin, Eleni Papazoglou, Pester & Rossi, Dina Rončević, SALT Magazine, Louis Scantlebury, Nicola Singh, Tendencies Bulletin, Alex Wickenden, Gray Wielebinski, Ashleigh Williams, Alice May Williams, Virgine Yassef and ZATORSKI + ZATORSKI.

We love working and collaborating with people. Get in touch with us via atropfc[@] or dm us at ⚽

Match screening at Against the Run of Play hub

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